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Two Weeks with the Aquaris M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition Tablet (An Honest Review)

It has been about two weeks since I started using the Aquaris M10 FHDUbuntuversiontablet. First of all I have to say that the tablet is not COMPLETE yet. It is not for people who expects similar experience like with  an Android tablet or with an iPad.
I started writing this blog entry with M10 tablet. But It was not easy since the operating system had a big list of bugs including external keyboard support for layouts other than English. As far as I could see from the related forums and blogs people are having problem even with German, Spanish and Portuguese layouts. I  also had  problem with my wireless Turkish keyboard. Today an Ubuntu update came to device. Now the layout is working I can write @ symbol from time to time now (I wasn't able to write @ symbol using my external Turkish keyboard  with Turkish Layout). 
I am a Linux fan. I've been using linux for more than 14 years now. Since canonical first started announcing the convergent OS concept I've been long waiting…